Armadillo Trapping and Control

Armadillos can be a nuisance to Mobile, AL homeowners. Yards and grassy open areas are very inviting to armadillos throughout Alabama. They like to take up shelter under porches, patios and decks or burrow into your lawn.

Lawns are filled with their favorite foods. Earthworms, grubs and other insects are all available to them right in your yard. If you are finding piles of dirt in your beautiful lawn, you likely have an armadillo problem.

Health Dangers of Armadillo

While Armadillos are wild animals and people should always be cautious of any wild animal, they are not typically a dangerous pest. They are very rarely known to attack humans or other animals, unless threatened. And while armadillos have been known to be carriers of the bacterium that causes leprosy, it is highly unlikely that it will be passed to humans or other animals. It is best, however, to call a professional to trap and remove them. Our team will use proven methods and remove them safely and humanely from your property without risk to you and your family.

Damages from Armadillo

Armadillos love to dig in gardens here in Mobile, AL as they search for insects or grubs. They also burrow and create tunnels and can cause severe damage to the foundation of your home within just a few nights. They are a major nuisance to any agricultural property as they have large claws and get through soft dirt very rapidly.

Landscaped or mulched areas are very susceptible to the destruction of these wild looking animals. It can be very expensive to replace what they destroy. Call our wildlife experts as soon as you see evidence of an armadillo on your property

Armadillo Removal

Our Technicians are certified professionals who can remove the animals using the latest technology and equipment, as humane and gently as possible. The ideal approach for handling them is to trap and relocate them. We are trained to do this in a safe and humane way. We can repair any damages caused by armadillos, as well as clean, deodorize and disinfect any affected areas of your home or business . In addition we can provide preventative services to stop future infestations of wildlife or pests, be it armadillos or other animals found in nature.