Significant property damage can occur when beavers build dams in streams, lakes, canals, or drains and your plants and trees feel these effects. Act fast to remove an infestation and reduce the damage to your large commercial property with the help of the team at Wildlife Solutions, Inc.

You can trust our dependable professionals to humanely trap beavers to keep them away from your land for good.

Beaver Trapping

The most effective way to clear beavers from you land is trapping in Ocean Springs. We know the best methods of trapping them. We know the best placement of traps based on the nests and the water flow. There are often several of them working together to build their nest. We will determine the best trapping methods to capture them all. Once trapped, we will remove them from your property.


Rely on our experienced team when you have questions about beaver control – we’re happy to answer them for you. You can also get a 10% military discount from our locally owned and operated business.

Beaver Dam Removal

One of the challenges left after the beavers are gone is dam removal. Depending on how long they have been left unchecked, that dam could become quite large in size. As a trained wildlife specialist we know the best methods of eliminating the dam. They are built from felled trees, sticks, mud leaves and anything else they can find. These dams can be quite solid and can affect the waterways. They can cause potential flooding with the rising level of water. We can help you to destroy the dam and restore the flow of water.