Professional Bird Removal

bird control

Bird removal is common in Orange Beach, AL. They will attempt to enter your home in order to build their nests. They will enter vents, chimneys, roof vents, and attics in search of shelter. Call us today at 251-654-6778 for help with bird problems. We are trained in control and know the best way to evict them from your home. We will exclude them and seal up any entrances that are allowing them to gain access.

Finding them in the home is not only a nuisance, they can cause damage and possibly spread diseases. We remove them and their nests from your home and can repair any damage they have caused. Removing any dead from your home will help to prevent diseases from spreading and stop contamination.

Birds in Attic

You may often find birds in the attic of your Orange Beach, AL home. Sometimes the noises birds make can be confused with bats in the attic. With either pest, the sooner that you exclude them from your attic the less the potential damage. Droppings are caustic and will attract insects. The insects may attract other unwanted wildlife to enter your home. If you are hearing noises in the attic, call us for an inspection. We will let you know the best way to clear them from your attic.

We will safely remove them and seal up any entry points into your home. After that we can help you with safely cleaning the damage that they may have caused your home. We will safely clean the droppings and replace any insulation that may have been damaged as they made the attic their home.

Birds in Vents

Birds also cause problems when they get into vents and start to nest. If you see nesting materials in any of the vents of your home, or hear noises from the vents, then it is a good possibility that you have them nesting there. Dryer vents, attic vents and kitchen vents are part of most homes in Orange Beach, AL. These vents are necessary for your home and having nesting in them can cause you problems. Call us to safely remove the birds. We will also clean and seal the vent so that they can’t return.

Commercial Bird Removal

Our expertise does not stop with residential bird removal. We can also help with commercial bird control. These creatures can be a nuisance to local businesses. We know the best methods for excluding birds from inside and outside of your building. We start with an inspection of your property and then offer the best option for your particular situation. There are many options for commercial bird control and our team will recommend the best possible solution. We can install netting, spike strips and many other options and complete and necessary clean up and repairs.

They have the potential to spread dangerous diseases. Breathing in air that has been contaminated by droppings can leave you with a serious respiratory infection. Exposure to contaminated air from an infestation can cause someone becoming seriously ill. A professional removal and cleaning ensures that you are safe from the disease they can spread. Keep your employees and your customers safe by calling us for help.

Pigeon Control

Pigeons are a very common nuisance here in Orange Beach. Not only are they bothersome, they can be a serious health hazard to humans. The droppings are contaminated with bacteria, fungi, and nematodes. Parasites that infest pigeons, such as fleas, mice, lice, and ticks, also bite humans. Pigeons are known to carry or transmit Newcastle disease, salmonella, cryptococcosis, and other diseases. Pigeon droppings will accelerate the deterioration of concrete, autoOrange Beach paint, plaster, wood, and roofing.

Pigeons roost in storefront eaves, home attic rooftops, and air conditioning units, and once established will not leave unless removed. They are particularly drawn to locations near food sources like outdoor restaurants. It is not easy to keep them away without professional help. Our team is experienced in all aspects of pigeon control. We are ready to assist whether you are dealing with enclosed areas such as home attics, or outdoor spaces.